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The Freshman 15…


By now you should definitely be getting around campus pretty well and have established a bit of a routine for your day… great. But now I have a question for you, have you ever heard of the Freshman 15? Well if not, the freshman 15 is said to be the average amount of pounds a freshman gains their first year in college. And believe me, it is REAL 🙂 ha! But with adding a moment to exercise in your daily routine and being mindful of your diet, (your diet is simply the food you choose to eat. Ex: I have a healthy diet/I need to change my diet, it’s riddled with junk food) you can avoid putting on more pounds than you want to.

Most dorms have gyms but not everyone has time every day to carve out for exercise so maybe instead of taking the shuttle, you power walk to class. Do exercises in your dorm room as you read (lunges, stairs, cardio in place etc.) Or some days opt for a large salad with chicken breast for dinner instead of the fried chicken strips and cheese burgers.

I pulled out a few items from the book Freshman 101 A Roadmap and Journal to Surviving Your First Year of College to share with you all a few things to try on your road to conscious eating:

  • Mini fridge to keep fresh produce for salads, snacks, fruit etc.
  • Blender for morning smoothies if you can’t get them on campus
  • An indoor grill like George Foreman grill; easy to use even for the cooking impaired
  • A steamer for rice and veggies
  • And of course like most people a microwave

The café is great, and some colleges cafes are better than others, but it is always good to have options for yourself; Options that you create and can control. Know what you eat. And whatever you do, eat and exercises not be skinny, but to be healthy, and comfortable in your OWN SKIN! I’ll have some recipes for you all next week. Now go forth, and eat well 😉

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