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The Finals Survival Guide… Again


Ladies and gentlemen, October is almost over and November is going to fly by, which means your first semester of college is almost over and it’s time to get geared up for those finals. Finals season can be a stressful time if proper preparation has not taken place. If you have kept up with your notes, homework, and study groups you should be in excellent shape. If you did not however, fear not, you can still come out on top, we just need to make some mental and study habit adjustments.

Whether you are over or under prepared there are a few basic questions you can ask yourself and your professor to prepare:

Will the final be comprehensive? Or just cover the last few chapters I worked on in class?

Do I have a study group that I can be a part of that will help me prepare or understand things I’m still unsure about in class?

Do I have my homework and previous tests that I can use along with my notes to help asses my knowledge of the material?

Should I give myself a practice test?

And lastly, has my professor dropped any hints as to what will be on the final exam?

If you ask yourself these questions and use them as a guideline to prepare, you will be ready once game time actually gets here. Below I have given you a few items that I call “The Final Exam Survival Kit” that helped me survival my finals every year so check it out, maybe something there can help you too!

“The Final Exam Survival Kit”

  • Pizza coupons and lots of crushed red peppers
  • Recorder for notes, both my own and the professors lectures
  • Clean socks and undies just in case a library all-nighter is necessary
  • Numbers and email addresses of smart people in my class for study groups
  • Number to professor on hand
  • Tissue for any tears I might need to cry for a lack of properly allocated study time
  • Pillow pet for random sleeping and power naps on the go
  • Pens, pencils, new note books just for finals notes. I found it helpful to write
  • my notes in another notebook just for finals, it allowed me to 1. keep everything I needed in one place and 2. The practice of rewriting my notes helped me to commit to memory what I needed my brain to retain.
  • Motivational music to get hyped up for finals (whhooooooo!!)

Lastly, Ask questions and get clarity on anything you are unsure about. The only stupid is question is the 1 you don’t ask. You are paying for this education; get everything out of it that you need to. Don’t ever be ashamed to say you don’t get something, ask, and practice till you’ve got it down. Not knowing benefits no one and it hurts you. So ask questions.

Good Luck! Not that you need it, because you are PREPARED!!! Yaaaaaaaaaay! 🙂

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The Freshman 15…


By now you should definitely be getting around campus pretty well and have established a bit of a routine for your day… great. But now I have a question for you, have you ever heard of the Freshman 15? Well if not, the freshman 15 is said to be the average amount of pounds a freshman gains their first year in college. And believe me, it is REAL 🙂 ha! But with adding a moment to exercise in your daily routine and being mindful of your diet, (your diet is simply the food you choose to eat. Ex: I have a healthy diet/I need to change my diet, it’s riddled with junk food) you can avoid putting on more pounds than you want to.

Most dorms have gyms but not everyone has time every day to carve out for exercise so maybe instead of taking the shuttle, you power walk to class. Do exercises in your dorm room as you read (lunges, stairs, cardio in place etc.) Or some days opt for a large salad with chicken breast for dinner instead of the fried chicken strips and cheese burgers.

I pulled out a few items from the book Freshman 101 A Roadmap and Journal to Surviving Your First Year of College to share with you all a few things to try on your road to conscious eating:

  • Mini fridge to keep fresh produce for salads, snacks, fruit etc.
  • Blender for morning smoothies if you can’t get them on campus
  • An indoor grill like George Foreman grill; easy to use even for the cooking impaired
  • A steamer for rice and veggies
  • And of course like most people a microwave

The café is great, and some colleges cafes are better than others, but it is always good to have options for yourself; Options that you create and can control. Know what you eat. And whatever you do, eat and exercises not be skinny, but to be healthy, and comfortable in your OWN SKIN! I’ll have some recipes for you all next week. Now go forth, and eat well 😉

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The Check List…



Well Beautiful People,

July has ended which means blast off for college is just around the corner. So it’s time to ask ourselves yet again, are we prepared. Have you had your college shower yet?   What is a college shower you might ask? Well, a college shower is just like a baby or bridal shower just with the theme and gifts centered around you going off to college.

Make a list of all the things you already have for your room, but if you haven’t picked up everything yet…great, the college shower was invented just for that purpose! It will also allow your family and friends the opportunity to be a part of celebrating you going off to school. Make a new list, now of everything you still need and add it to the inside of your invitation so that friends and family know what kinds of gifts to bring you. The beauty of a college shower is that everyone wants to bring something that you will be able to use. So make sure your list has everything on it that you need. From the colors of your room to the kind of deodorant and soap you need in stock; Gift cards are always great as well. Below is a partial check off list to get you started. To get the list in its entirety you can purchase the book from my website at www.freshman101.net.

These are also a few sites I like that offer great advice on what to take and how to organize:

The Check Off List

  • Land phone and answering machine: you’ll find most dorms still have a land line. A landline is good to have just in case you get bad service or reception in your room. Not to mention some schools still call your landline to let guest up to your room and it saves on using your cell phone minutes
  • Bedspread comforter or  a duvet cover
  • A cassette or digital voice recorder in case you choose to record lectures from your classes
  • Chair cushion for your desk chair
  • First aid kit travel size for your room
  • Organizers for your clothes, shoes and etc.
  • Sheets and pillow cases: 3 to 5 sets of sheets just in case you do not make it to the laundry room every week
  • Printer with a scanner
  • Laundry bag and supplies
  • A bathroom bucket or caddy
  • Slippers and waterproof shoes for the showers
  • Five sets of towels: because you won’t be able to wash every week but you should change your towel once a week
  • Blender: for healthy breakfasts smoothies (or smoothies anytime really)
  • Bug spray for those unwelcome guests
  • A clock and alarm clock with extra batteries
  • Dishcloths for washing your dishes
  • Microwave-safe dinnerware
  • Refrigerator with freezer and mini microwave: these two you should be able to order from the school
  • If you plan to bring a bike verify that there are bike racks or storage facilities near your housing and on campus
  • If you plan to bring a car be sure to have an automobile travel club membership just in case you encounter any problems with your vehicle
  • For every car there should be a toolkit which should include basic repair tools such as a socket set, wrenches, and somebody told me don’t tape fixes almost anything, so I guess duct tape to.



More Tips

  • In order to not have to ship all those items yourself, consider shopping online.
  • If you take your car remember to budget money for student parking.
  • As soon as your college schedule is known, checkup appointments should be made with hometown doctors and dentists for times when school is not in session.
  • Make sure that all your prescription medication are transferred to a pharmacy near your dorm.

I hope this atrial list was helpful. Be sure to check out the entire list on our website. Happy hunting!




How Prepared Are You? Life – Part II: College #1 What College Will you Attend?



 #1  What College Will you Attend

Have you made the decision? Do you know what college you will attend?


By now you should have an answer to this question, but if by chance you do not, because you are still collecting acceptance letters (congratulations) then let’s begin to narrow down our options, by starting a pros and cons list. Great reasons to select this school vs.  A few reasons why NOT to select this school.


For example:


 Pro: it’s close to home …………. Con: it’s close to home

 Pro: it is highly ranked in my desired area of expertise 

Con: It’s across the country, so I’ll only make it home for major holidays


Based on where your school is, ask yourself are you prepared for the climate change if there is one? I am from Los Angeles, California and I went all the way to the east coast for college in Washington D.C. which was a major climate change. Because I had been exposed to snow and cold weather, it was not a big deal. I just made sure I purchased the right kind of clothes for each season and when winter came around I already knew  how to layer my clothes from skiing most of my life; so I just applied the same layering concept while at school and whalah I was ready for anything.


What city and state is you school located? Will you need a new wardrobe to fit the climate change? (Have you added that into your budget?)


Will your school be located in the heart of the city? Or is it in a rural area? Will you need transportation? Or will you need to learn the public transit system? Each city is different. If you do your research before you get there it will be less for you to figure out once you get on campus. Trust me; you’ll have more than enough to think about.  Take your time and research the transit system. It’s not always recommended to have a car your first year. However if your school is located in a rural area you might consider having that discussion with your parents.

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