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Selling Yourself… The Personal Essay

Today i had the opportunity to speak with a group of college bound high school seniors. They all came from different walks of life, with different G.P.A.s, extra curricular activities, and career aspirations. As we sat and talked about their promising roads ahead, we found that there were a few things that no matter what your walk of life or personal goals are, some things we all need to learn how to do. At the very top of that list… learning to sell yourself, in the form of a personal essay… make a list of your qualities, and outstanding character traits that the college, job, or scholarship foundation of your choice would benefit from having chosen you to represent them. Then, make a list of the challenges you have faced in the last few years (that you have over come and may have hindered you temporarily from doing your best.) Now is the time to be more than just your G.P.A., test scores, and extra curricular activities. Give people an opportunity to get to know you, as a person in a structured format of course.  This essay will stand as a format that all personal essays of yours will derive themselves from. With minor tweeks to some information based on the school you may be applying to or scholarship application requirements, you will be able to use this personal essay to “sell yourself” many times over with every application you fill out. So start writing! Don’t edit! Just write, then when you flush everything out, go back and take out what you don’t need, make certain things clear that might need clarity and then let your English teacher or college advisor look it over to make sure it is saying everything it needs to say and is grammatically sound. 





Leaving Home




Of all the different things you’ll face when you go off to college, the hardest part is actually leaving home. Leaving home means leaving everything that is familiar to you in the past and moving on. It is an emotional and slightly frightening time for most. Since the age of six, I started spending my summers away from home for weeks and months at a time. So, I was used to being away from my mom. Therefore, when I left home, I thought it was going to be easy to leave her. I thought transitioning into college would be a breeze—that was so far from the truth. I hadn’t thought about the whole idea: getting acquainted with a totally different environment, in a totally different state, on a totally different side of the country!


At first, I almost panicked, but then I remembered, “Hey, this is a part of being on my own!” So, I decided to make the best of it and explore. I began by mingling with the girls on my floor; half the battle is finding a few people to explore with and, more importantly, establishing relationships that will help you through this first year. After that, we set out for all kinds of wacky adventures! My new friends and I found all the closest grocery stores, where we needed to go locally for certain things, and then we found out how to use the transportation system. Since I go to school in Washington, D.C., it was important that I knew how to use the Metro. It was really easy once I got used to it. At first I worried, “What will happen if I go the wrong way?” But then I reminded myself, that if I ended up far away from where I was supposed to be, I just needed to come back. It’s a learning experience and it’s all at the hand of exploration. After we figured that out, the sky was the limit. We found out where all the hot spots were, and then we went. I love to eat out and I love plays, so I made it a point of finding the cool restaurants and small, inexpensive theatres; then I tried all of them—or, at least I did until my funds were depleted. Hey, it happens!


The key to getting comfortable with your new environment is to get to know, or at least become aware of your surroundings. Howard University is located in what might be considered one of D.C.’s not-so-friendly environments, or the “hood.” Whatever it’s called, the bottom line is that to live here, you need to know what is going on in your area, when it’s safe to go out and, in turn, when it’s not. Once you become familiar with your surroundings, no matter where your college is, everything else is simple. Remember, there is nothing wrong with exploring. So feel free to venture out!




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Graduation !! Celebrate!!


That awesome  time of year is here once again… graduation!!! Which means… PARTIES!!!! CELEBRATIONS!!!!!!!! And what is a great party without a few awesome party eats?! NOT a great party… so without further ado, I give to you, a sneak peak from the second book in the Freshman 101 Series, Eating for Survival The Cookbook!
Take a gander at some of these recipes and see if any peak your palatable interest. They are fast, simple to make, healthy, and most importantly, crowd pleasers. Try a few, let me know what you think.
Mexican 7 Layer Dip, Salsa, Dill Dip + More
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High School Seniors – Are You Prepared ?

Graduation is around the corner!!!! Yaaaaay!!! I’m sure you’re thinking you’ve waited all your life for this! And you have, but now here comes the REAL work.

Life – Part II : College

imagesbucket list

How prepared are you?

Have you made a decision as to what college you will attend?

If so, have you taken care of your financial aid package? If not, be sure to schedule a meeting to see them once you get onto the campus.

Are you going away or are you staying close to home?

Will you need a plane ticket and possible hotel accommodations once you get there?

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College Freshman: The Final Exam Survival Kit


Ladies and gentlemen, the New School Year has come and gone. February and March flew by and  we are already at the end of April, which means your first year of college is almost over and it’s time to get geared up for those finals. Finals season can be a stressful time if proper preparation has not taken place. If you have kept up with your notes, homework, and study groups you should be in excellent shape. If you did not however, fear not, you can still come out on top, we just need to make some mental and study habit adjustments.

Whether you are over or under prepared there are a few basic questions you can ask yourself and your professor to prepare:

  1. Will the final be comprehensive? Or just cover the last few chapters I worked on in class?
  2. Do I have a study group that I can be a part of that will help me prepare or understand things I’m still unsure about in class
  3. Do I have my homework and previous tests that I can use along with my notes to help asses my knowledge of the material?
  4. Should I give myself a practice test?  And lastly,
  5. Has my professor dropped any hints as to what will be on the final exam?

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Allow Me To Introduce Myself…


My name is Deljah S. Dickson. I’m an author and public speaker on the college experience.

My expertise comes strictly through my own personal experiences at Howard University. I have been there and definitely have done that.

College can be a rewarding on all levels for both students and parents. I began this blog and wrote Freshman 101 to help you get through the highs and lows.

Welcome 🙂