Dating… dating is a topic that people either give too much thought to or not enough. When you left home for school, did you leave a boyfriend or girlfriend behind promising to talk/ skype every day, to be faithful and make many visits to see them? Or convince each other that winter break isn’t too far and you can be faithful until then? Did you break up with them before you left? Did you come to college thinking you’ll find your soul mate… because that is a part of what college is about?

Well, here’s a little advice… don’t worry about dating.

For those who left their girlfriend/boyfriend at home (different schools):

Long distance relationships rarely ever work, especially with young people going off to school for the first time. I know some of you think you’re the most in love right now than you could ever be and your plan is to attend college and then come back and marry your high school sweetheart…  I don’t mean to burst your bubble but… it most likely will not work. You are embarking on a brand new territory and with that come new experiences and learning new things about yourself. We always think we know who we are, who are friends are and what we are capable of, but the truth is you only know those things based on living in one environment. You now have the opportunity to get out and learn new things about yourself. For example, you may discover that you really love art and you’re attracted to artist and not athletes or “model types” anymore. Allow yourself the freedom to get to know yourself and the qualities that you might want in a mate… further down the line AFTER school is finished.

For those who broke up before you got here:

Good decision, just make sure you made it for the right reasons. It’s better to be honest with someone about your intentions than it is to lead them on. Believing that you feel a certain way or are faithful when you are not or don’t have any intention of being isn’t nice. So while it might seem harder to say “hey, I think we should go our separate ways for now,” it saves much heartache down the line for you and the person you care about. Honesty is the best policy.

For the soul mate finders:

Stop looking for a soul mate. When it is supposed to happen it will happen. Work on just enjoying yourself right now. Collect data on the qualities you want in a life partner if that’s something you’re thinking about but don’t focus on looking for The One. That is not why you’re here.

To everyone:

Books first! While dating and partying is much fun and I’m sure you’ll do plenty of both, remember why you are there. You are there to get an education first and foremost… in the classroom; because that’s the one that gets you the degree.

Final Note:

Remember: the only way to completely protect yourself from STDs and pregnancy is to abstain from sex, but for those of you that are going to do it anyway remember…  ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS protect yourself. Wrap it up.


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