How Prepared Are You? Life – Part II: College #1 What College Will you Attend?



 #1  What College Will you Attend

Have you made the decision? Do you know what college you will attend?


By now you should have an answer to this question, but if by chance you do not, because you are still collecting acceptance letters (congratulations) then let’s begin to narrow down our options, by starting a pros and cons list. Great reasons to select this school vs.  A few reasons why NOT to select this school.


For example:


 Pro: it’s close to home …………. Con: it’s close to home

 Pro: it is highly ranked in my desired area of expertise 

Con: It’s across the country, so I’ll only make it home for major holidays


Based on where your school is, ask yourself are you prepared for the climate change if there is one? I am from Los Angeles, California and I went all the way to the east coast for college in Washington D.C. which was a major climate change. Because I had been exposed to snow and cold weather, it was not a big deal. I just made sure I purchased the right kind of clothes for each season and when winter came around I already knew  how to layer my clothes from skiing most of my life; so I just applied the same layering concept while at school and whalah I was ready for anything.


What city and state is you school located? Will you need a new wardrobe to fit the climate change? (Have you added that into your budget?)


Will your school be located in the heart of the city? Or is it in a rural area? Will you need transportation? Or will you need to learn the public transit system? Each city is different. If you do your research before you get there it will be less for you to figure out once you get on campus. Trust me; you’ll have more than enough to think about.  Take your time and research the transit system. It’s not always recommended to have a car your first year. However if your school is located in a rural area you might consider having that discussion with your parents.

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