High School Seniors – Are You Prepared ?

Graduation is around the corner!!!! Yaaaaay!!! I’m sure you’re thinking you’ve waited all your life for this! And you have, but now here comes the REAL work.

Life – Part II : College

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How prepared are you?

Have you made a decision as to what college you will attend?

If so, have you taken care of your financial aid package? If not, be sure to schedule a meeting to see them once you get onto the campus.

Are you going away or are you staying close to home?

Will you need a plane ticket and possible hotel accommodations once you get there?

Will you be going alone or will a relative be accompanying you?

How long will they stay?

Have you made your list of necessary things to take with you for your dorm?

Did you tell family and friends so they can help you purchase those items?

Did you get the contact information for your new roommate?

Did you all speak about what you will be bringing and what you can leave behind?

Do you know the climate where your school is located?

Will you need to purchase clothes fitting for that environment?

How’s your phone plan?

Will you require a larger one to accommodate more phone calls home?

Do you have a bank account?

Is your bank also located in the city you will be moving to for school?

Will you be playing any sports?

How many games will you have? Will any relatives make your events? What will those expenses be?

Are you a performer, musician, actor? Etc?

Will people  be coming to your performances? What will those expenses be?

How often do you think you’ll go home?

Do you have an idea of what a ticket home will cost?

These ladies and gentleman, are questions that you should try your best to answer well before you step foot on campus. Answer all the questions as honestly as you can. If the answers in some areas is “no” that’s perfectly ok. Some of that information you may not have yet, but now that the question has been presented, you will know how to move forward in preparation for your first year. Over the next few days we will go through each category and give insight into the questions.  So come back tomorrow with your answers in hand and lets discuss. Till tomorrow good people!

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